FAVOURITA Limited is one of the leading manufacturer of all kind of consumer and food items. It established in the year 2013. FAVOURITA Limited is a sister concern of ALBION GROUP where the ALBION GROUP consists of so many different kind of business segments especially pharmaceutical products.

FAVOURITA Limited mostly concentrates on some special products which are exclusively developed by its in-house experts. The main factory building is surrounded by 2 acres of land in the main port city of Bangladesh which is called Chittagong. Because of the so many specialists involved in its operation, FAVOURITA Limited believes the quality of the products can compete any kind of world famous brands.


We wish to help create a greater choice of tasty, healthy, sustainable, affordable and safe foods.

The world needs to feed 9 billion people in 2050. At the same time, wealth worldwide is increasing and so is the demand for variety, health and sustainability. At FAVOURITA LIMITED, we believe that good food needs good science: FL can help industry to fulfill the needs of people around the world and at the same time contribute to the competitive strength of the companies we work with.

As the industry cannot have all the knowledge in house to meet the innovation requirements, FL is the strategic partner of choice.


Companies can increase their profits with our results. We accelerate innovation to improve our clients’ products and processes, as we have top expertise, excellent infrastructure and we understand the businesses our clients operate in.

We combine problem solving skills with a proactive approach when we see new opportunities in science and technology. By being relevant, both for the companies we work for and for the FAVOURITA LIMITED employees, we are able to take the necessary steps to reach the next level.

Brand Promise

We deliver relevant improvements to our customers’ products, because we have the knowledge and technology and we understand their business. We proactively approach our customers with fresh ideas, because we constantly search for ways to improve foods.